You can now directly integrate with Parcel’s awesome delivery service!

Do you use Parcel for your deliveries? Of course you do! Why wouldn’t you? They are great!

Is it a bit of a hassle to manually call their driver each time you receive an order? Mhmm, yes yes, we feel you!

You can now DIRECTLY have a “call Parcel driver” button within your Alligator dashboard through a direct integration!

How does that all work? Check out this video…

How can you get an integration setup for your Alligator site?

It’s easy! Just a few quick steps and you’re there…

  1. Email your Parcel account manager
  2. Inform them that you would like a direct integration through your Alligator dashboard
  3. Ask them for your API Keys (it’s an Excel file that they will email you)
  4. Send your API Keys to our support team on
  5. And leave the rest to us!

But wait… I’m not a Parcel customer… what do I do?

Easy! Get in touch with us, and let us know that you would like to start using Parcel’s awesome delivery service through a direct integration within your Alligator dashboard. We will forward your relevant information to the Parcel team and they will contact you to get you onboarded!

Easy peasy!

Much more to come! Tonnes of new updates on the way!

We wish you continued success in your business. And as always, will continue to do our best to improve our service and we sincerely appreciate your trust, patience and understanding! ❤️ #supportlocal