Want a contact-less Dine-In Menu? Your Alligator site comes with one, for FREE!

Umm… ok, but how do I access my Dine-In Menu?

Just add “/dim” to the end of your domain. For example, if your domain is “demo.thealligator.app”, then you would simply enter “demo.thealligator.app/dim” into your browser and voila!

Easy right?

Awesome, but what about creating a QR code?

That’s super simple! Go to your favourite QR code generator software, or search online for “QR Code Generator” and find one that you like.

Then, you’ll select the “URL” option, to link your QR code to your /dim website… and you’ll type in yourdomain.com/dim (remember to add “/dim” to the end so that it works!)

Please remember that some QR Code Generators will ask you to pay monthly or annual fees!

There are endless QR Code Generators online, but please make sure to read the fine print! Some online services may ask you to pay regular fees to keep your QR code active! So before you print 100,000 copies of your awesome brochure or tent card, please read the fine print!

Ok… and then what?

Once you have your Alligator site setup, and you have your QR code linking to yourdomain.com/dim, you’re good to go! You simple need to make your QR code visible to your dine-in customers and they can whip out their phones and scan the code to visit your awesome, stunning, user-friendly, 100% contact-less Dine-In Menu!