We’ve been listening to your awesome feedback and have been hard at work to introduce cool new features to the Alligator system. We have a tonne of great news for you!

1. Special Instructions Per Item

Customers can write special instructions on each item that they add into the cart! Extra mayo? Don’t add ice? Write some beautiful special greeting on my cake? Yes, yes, we can!

2. Multiple Images Per Item

Do you wanna show a close-up shot of a beautiful cake, and another photo of the packaging? Entice your customers with beautiful photos of heart-warming delicious food that you serve? Are you selling electronics and want to show technical specifications and products from different angles? Selling clothes and want to show how they fit on someone?

Now, you can! Upload up to FIVE images per item!

3. Allow ‘Space’ After Email / Phone Upon Checkout

Some users’ smart phones are so smart that they enter a “space” after auto-filling the phone and email fields. In the past, this would throw up an error, but we’ve got you covered!

If someone enters a “space” after their email address when checking-out, their order will go through successfully and you will receive the correct email address, without a space!

4. Minor Enhancements and Stability Upgrades

You might have noticed that we’ve shuffled a few things around in the dashboard – nothing major though, so it should still be very comfortable and familiar to use!

We’ve also tweaked the system slightly to make things faster and smoother!

Do you want MORE ORDERS with 0% commission?

Check out https://orderalligator.com/advertise and contact us on support@thealligator.app to be featured on top of the list!

What will this do for your business? You’ll get on average 20x MORE clicks, literally!

We wish you continued success in your business. And as always, will continue to do our best to improve our service and we sincerely appreciate your trust, patience and understanding! ❤️  #supportlocal