As you are well aware, we take great pleasure in supporting local businesses by releasing new updates on a very regular basis! We consider ourselves truly lucky to have earned your trust and we promise to always do our utmost to keep your trust and help grow your business!

We are super pleased to announce that Alligator has received a beautiful new facelift! And what’s more is that your users can login and save addresses!

New Design Alert!

We have re-skinned the entire Alligator front-end to make it much more sleek, chic, clean, user-friendly and stunning! The whole site now looks gorgeous, and will help your customers check-out with ease!

New Function Alert!

Many of you have requested it, and we obliged! Your users can now create profiles for themselves, save their addresses and basically speed up their entire check-out process dramatically!

Who enjoys entering their address over and over? Do you? We don’t! And that’s why we made is super easy for users to login, create a profile, save as many addresses as they like (e.g. “home”, “work”, etc.) and check out with a few short clicks!

Other than that, there are lots of little updates that we have done to make the platform faster and more stable.

And as always, will continue to do our best to improve our service and we sincerely appreciate your trust, patience and understanding! #supportlocal

Need help setting that up? Check out our handy video tutorials here: