Each and every one of our fantastic merchants has been so kind, supportive and has shared the love by giving the Alligator team lots of helpful feedback and advice on how to improve the system, and that’s what we will always strive to do. For that, on behalf of us all, we sincerely thank you!

There are a few updates that we have rolled out today and here are the details…

Choose Your Notification Sound

Some really love the blaring, ridiculously loud alarm notification tone that you hear when you receive a new order, and others… not so much! As such, we have added a function where you can choose your own notification sound from a set of available tones – some loud and some gentle.

Please visit Master Settings > Theme Settings and choose your Notification Sound.

Delivery vs. Pickup / Takeaway

For merchants offering Delivery AND Takeaway… we have added a simple toggle on the front-end of your websites to allow customers to more intuitively choose if they want to place a delivery or a pickup / takeaway order. In order to activate this feature, assuming you DO offer delivery as well as pickup / takeaway, visit Master Settings > Site Settings and ensure that Delivery and Pickup / Takeaway are both enabled in the “Delivery methods” field.

The purpose of this switch is such that, should a customer choose a Pickup / Takeaway order, there will be no minimum delivery amount and they will not need to specify their area/location. Whereas for a delivery order, there may be minimum order amounts and delivery charges that you, the merchant, can set in your dashboard. Please note that this will only affect merchants with both Delivery and Pickup/Takeaway options activated for their Alligator eCommerce website.

Cleaned Up The Areas (Bahrain)

There were some duplicated areas in the backend that our lovely Bahrain-based merchants have made us aware of. As such, we have gone through the Areas list and removed the duplicates.

Other Minor Enhancements

There are other minor bits and bobs that we have updated throughout the system, such as:

– New, cleaner looking WhatsApp badge icon (for those who have enabled a WhatsApp link on their Alligator site)

– Display any delivery charges on the first / main page, rather than just on the checkout page

– Speed and stability enhancements to make the system run a little bit faster and smoother

We wish you continued success in your business. And as always, will continue to do our best to improve our service and we sincerely appreciate your trust, patience and understanding! ❤️ #supportlocal